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Dragon Shirts

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BT198_s.jpg - 9.03 K
Draco Basilica - In times of danger, this fiery beast is seen upon the rooftop of Chalisbury Minster, in defence of its wards. We carry this only is a UK size XL which fits most people
BT90_s.jpg - 6.76 K
Wyverex Cipher - The immensely feared and respected medieval Wyverex Dragon, defending the metaphoric black rose.
BT180_s.jpg - 2.65 K
Descent of the Dyad - Moments before the chaos... This T-shirt pictures a double-headed flying dragon ridden by a fiend ready to strike!
BT71_s.jpg - 6.40 K
Rage Ab Ovo - The struggle, 'From the beginning'. The symbolic alchemical union.
BT162_s.jpg - 8.81 K
Conjunction of Manna - From the primordial maelstrom of creation, Lilitu and the Wyvore dance in the ritualised courtship of the secret doctrine.
BT144_s.jpg - 7.29 K
Croms Lair - The omnipotent hex - den of a long feared and mighty dragon.
BT136_s.jpg - 7.10 K
The Whitby Wyrm - On a full moon, once every seven years, the great Dragon of Whitby returns to try and claw the church into the sea.
BT124_s.jpg - 7.50 K
Theophalax Tartarus Draconis - An infernally mortifying dragon of immense proportion and with only one constraint; the obsessive collection of human victims.
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