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Feng Shui Dragons

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dragontears_s.jpg - 3.94 K
CH124 Dragon Tears - The dragon is a fiery creature, confident, a risk taker, and adventurous. Dragons are associated with Strength, health, harmony and good luck. Placed in the home they banish evil spirits. These dragon tears are red or purple long tears of iridescent glass with a totemic pewter dragon on the bottom. On the top are 6 clear crystal baguas and 2 matching colour beads - purple for the spirit dragons and red for the fire dragons. These, as with all our crystals, have a wire with loop for hanging.
dragoncircle_s.jpg - 4.52 K
Dragon Circle - A personal favourite. This is a dragon, wings above his body, perched on top of a circle within which dangles a 20mm crystal ball. His paw on a red crystal, this is a beautiful piece for the wondow.
dragonmoon2_s.jpg - 9.38 K
Dragon Moon Celestial Gift - This suncatcher is of a beautiful dragon clutching a crystal moon in one claw. Open mouth and wings slightly outspread, it comes on a silver tie ready to hang anywhere you wish to let the dragon fly.
dragwindchime_s.jpg - 8.62 K
Small Square Glass Windchimes with I Ching coins and Dragon on dangling middle bit. This magnificent set of wind chimes is perfect for right now. They can be moved to various places in your home as the 5 deadly yellow stars move (every Chinese New Year they move)Representing water and windchimes, this will help combat the 5 yellow and help your home or business prosper!
suncatchdrag_s.jpg - 3.95 K
Suncatcher Dragon - A Wonderful Dragon with a beautiful Austrian crystal dangling from its frame. Perfect for feng shui or dragon lovers alike!
glasdrag_s.jpg - 6.91 K
Glass Dragon Pendant in Pouch. The dragon is a protective animal and one of the 4 celestial animals. If you activate the dragon, you will also activate the tiger but should never activate the tiger directly as its energy could turn against you. Either take this charm with you in its protective cloth pouch with an embroidered protective bagua on it. It has a descriptive card so you'll always know what it means and makes a great gift.
dragonbrace_s.jpg - 6.47 K
Dragon Feng Shui Bracelet - The Dragon is a symbol of Strength, Goodness, Courage and Endurance. The Dragon is Yang energy which is male. He is the emblem of vigilance and security, and also the spirit of change. In Chinese mythology the Dragon is the predestined partner of the Phoenix, which is Yin energy. Feng Shui endeavors to capture Chi', the Dragons breath. This product has been blessed by Buddhist monks.
glddragkchn_s.jpg - 8.84 K
Wealth Dragon Keychains Stuck for a gift? These are great combining the wisdom and wealth of the dragon with the functionality of a keychain. They are beautifully created, smooth in the traditional red with black highlights or in GOLD coloured resin for the fame and fortune dragon in a keychain.
dragoncrys_s.jpg - 6.28 K
Dragon Icicle - a beautiful dragon with a wonderful hanging crystal. It creates rainbows all around when hit with natural light in my window each morning. A wonderful way to start the working day. The dragon is a wonderful coiled dragon with wings extended ready to take flight through your window. A wonderful piece for any dragon or feng shui entheuast.
starburst_s.jpg - 8.53 K
Dragon Starburst - beautiful cascade of crystals to a large terminating crystal with a pewter dragon on it. A beautiful way to create beautiful rainbows and a stunning visual in any window, for any dragon lover or follower of Feng Shui.
serpentcrys_s.jpg - 5.49 K
Serpent Dragon Starburst - beautiful cascade of crystals to a large terminating crystal with a pewter serpent dragon on it. This really doesn't show up well in the picture but it is a great crystal hanger for those more interested in the more serpentine dragons. A beautiful way to create beautiful rainbows and a stunning visual in any window, for any dragon lover or follower of Feng Shui. Comes with descriptive card.
fiercedragon_s.jpg - 6.18 K
Large Fierce Dragon - A large guardian dragon to protect your window and to bring rainbows and positive chi in with his octagon crystal.
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