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Dragon Drinking Vessels

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AAT10_s.jpg - 6.08 K
AAT10 - Dragon Tankard - A heavy multicasting, this breathtaking sculpted glittering dragon in full flight, forms the handle of this exceptionally comfortable and satisfying tankard. 1 pint capacity (600ml). If you take a look at the beautiful sculpting on this piece, you can help but be taken by the high degree of detail and skill. This tankard is a beautiful piece of art.
CWT28_s.jpeg - 5.51 K
CWT28 - Dracul Shotglass - A unique old gothic style vessel, with highly decorated glass - bottom, for the self - administration of lethal spirits. Let the bloodline of the Order of the Dragon be remembered with every drink in this shot glass.
BT05_s.jpg - 11.28 K
Celtic Dragon Tankard - What a wonderful piece! A Celtic knotwork incorporating a dragon theme decorated the side of the tankard while a celtic knotwork dragon curls up the handle. Joining two things I adore - dragons and knotwork - this tankard is nice and large with a flared bottom tapering to the top making it very stable. A wonderful addition to any table!
NEM2211_s.jpg - 3.79 K
Dragons Tower Wine Goblet - A wonderful pewter and glass goblet similar to our Large Dragon Goblet with it's pewter base and glass top. A great design with two dragons seated atop of a tower pillar. A really nice goblet for dragon lovers! Pewter stem (lead free) approximately 8 inches tall tall
NOW0413_s.jpg - 1.80 K
Dragon Lore Tankard - A crimson dragon, wings spread as he curls around your tankard. Not just beautifully, its a very practical tankard! The tankard itself is over 6" (15.5cm) high, so holds a substantial amount.
AAG29_s.jpg - 4.63 K
AAG29 - Wyverex Pils Goblet - Drink from the cup and absorb the power of one of legend's best-known dragons. A wonderful dragon on a nice, lightweight pewter goblet. Secure at the base, this has been spun to be a single piece of pewter beauty with the image of the dragon on both sides. Drink from this ye mages all and watch as thine enemies shall fall.
CWT26_s.jpg - 7.05 K
CWT26 - Dragon's Claw Shot Glass - Dragon motifs decorate the fleury cross base of this hard liquor glass. Small and perfect for a single, double or just fill the glass, this wonderful crystal drinking vessel is perfect for the dragon lover.
CWT21_s.jpg - 3.23 K
CWT21 - Dragon Crystal Wine Goblet - This superbly detailed, sculpted dragon writhes up to support the lead-crystal glass, while sitting on its hoard of jewelled treasure. (with Austrian crystal). I think it is hard to judge the beauty of this piece because it is truly three dimensional with the way the dragon has been sculpted around the stem. These wine glases are the most beautiful decorative crystal glasses we have found.
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